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Attending a One Day Seminar Sponsored by Hospice of the West, “Learn, Live & Grow”

0920161040On Tuesday September 20th, I attended “Hospice of the West” 3rd Annual Summer Educational Forum, entitled “Learn, Live, & Grow”.  Topics such as “Improving the Hospice Experience”, “Understanding the Palliative Care and Hospice Philosophy”, “Dementia and Psychiatric Disorders” were 3 of the 6 presentations. There were potentially 200 people who attended, and all presentations were well received and very educational along with being practical. Hospice of the west also partners with the Veterans Medical Leadership Council, Banner Alzheimers Institute, and Barrows Neurological Institute. All in all this was a day well spent learning more about the services afforded in the greater Phoenix area.


Meeting Paul Cocuzza from “United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Phoenix”

0919161149_burst01I recently met with Paul Cocuzza, Business Director of the “United Cerebral Palsy Of Great Phoenix” for a tour of their facility on W. Parkside Lane. They provide treatment and training programs for children and young adults from 3 to 21, including after school programs. I even saw infants being cared for as early intervention  can make a significant improvement in development. Needs are assessed individually and training is conducted on site and thru community based activities. The facilities are open and inviting, and provide a rich resource of support to the community.